Our Origins & Growth

Trinity Liftboat Services, LLC began operations in late December 2009 and has continued to follow it business plan of expanding its Liftboat fleet since its inception. The company owns and operates a current fleet of 145 to 155 class Liftboats working in the Gulf of Mexico. Our focus is to provide our customers with a well-maintained fleet complimented with an experienced and knowledgeable crews and support staff. We are committed to assisting our customers in providing a cost effective method in maintaining their wells from its inception to its abandonment.

Trinity Liftboats is committed to quality and safety

Meet our Fleet

Be sure to visit the section of our site called Our Liftboats where you can see photos, view specifications and download product sheets for each of the boats in our fleet.

Trinity Liftboat Services, Ltd, the international company in Trinidad currently owns and operates three liftboats ranging from Class 130 to Class 145. Trinity’s vision is to expand her fleet through selective strategic acquisitions or building of new vessels in the future.